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Just as football is constantly evolving so is the greatest computer football game of all time. The hugely popular and successful FIFA Ultimate Team series moves on this September with the release of FIFA 2018 and now is the time to prepare by building up your supply of FIFA 2018 Coins.

At buyfifacoinsfast, we supply FIFA 2018 Coins through our approved dealers at the lowest prices. All our coin sellers have been tested and verified as bona fide agents and we have even secured discounts of between 3 and 10% for customers buying FIFA 2018 Coins through our website.

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Buy FIFA 18 coins at our trusted suppliers

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Buyfifacoinsfast.com: Ahead of the Game

Not only do we supply FIFA 2018 Coins but our trusted sources also stock FUT coins for FIFA 14, 15, 16 and 17 and all at heavily discounted prices. Simply click on the supplier of your choice and order the required coins and be sure to enter your buyfifacoinsfast special discount code to make even more savings. Our FUT coin stockists are all tried and tested by us and all are reputable and legitimate traders.

It should be noted that EA, the publishers of FIFA 18, have as yet to confirm if the new release will be available for XBOX 360 or PS3 so it would be wise to check out the latest updates. This can be easily done on the web or through our regularly updated blog.

How to Acquire FIFA 2018 Coins

Buying online from other players is a common way of acquiring FUT coins but also the most risky and often exploited by scammers and con artists. The three best ways (and the only ones worth considering) are:

• Comfort Trade. Register with a recognised FUT coin dealer, leave your account information and they will put the coins on your account after payment.

• Player Auction. Place the players you wish to sell up for auction with one of our coin suppliers, our coin suppliers will then buy the player, making you retrieve the coins! It’s recommended to split your order when you are buying a large amount of coins, or EA might notice and erase your coins! We advice not to go above 100k a day when using the player auction method. Unless you of course have a player to sell which is worth a lot of coins to begin with, we in this case mean bad players that sell for 10k (max price) but are never sold for that price on the market.

• Mule Account. A number of our trusted suppliers, MMOGA and U7buy for example, can set up a mule account for you which is a new account with coins already deposited. This account can be used for setting up your team, trading players and purchasing packs and consumables.

For the best and most suitable method for you, simply contact us and one of our knowledgeable team will be happy to offer advice.

The simplest method of acquiring your FIFA 18 Coins is to buy them and you won’t do any better than buyfifacoinsfast. Contact us today to order your FIFA 18 Coins and get a headstart on the opposition!

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